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    AnyBody webinar 17 Oct: SolidWorks2AnyBody: A new SolidWorks add-in for musculoskeletal analysis with your CAD models

    Moonki Jung

      First, I'm sorry if this post is not appropriate to this discussion forum.


      But I would gladly introduce our new SolidWorks2AnyBody application which can be run as a SolidWorks add-in application.


      AnyBody Modeling System is the leading musculoskeletal modeling software to solve design problems for man-device interactions for consumer products, automotive, aerospace, ergonomics, orthopedic devices and many more.


      Prostheses, fitness machines, exoskeletons and many other mechanical products work in close relationship with the human body.

      Bottom-up constructions of such integrated human-product musculoskeletal models require both insight and a significant effort.

      SolidWorks2AnyBody is about to change that translating SolidWorks CAD models into corresponding AnyScript models which contain all mass properties, mate relationships and color information of different parts.


      You can register now here: http://www.anybodytech.com/index.php?id=1104



      Moonki Jung

      Senior Application Engineer

      AnyBody Technology