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PDM External References vs. SolidWorks External References

Question asked by Sally Hoo on Oct 2, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by Sam Sam

Can anyone please explain to me how the PDM external references (e.g. the folder path that would show up in the contains tab in the vault view) are related to SolidWorks external references (e.g. the folder path a drawing file would look to for it's associated part)?  For example, say I have a drawing file in folder A which has a reference to a part file in folder B (both files in the vault).  When opening up the drawing file in SolidWorks, is SolidWorks using the PDM reference to folder B or is there a completely different reference path embedded in the drawing file that SW uses?


I'm asking because the reference between my example drawing and part files looks good/not broken in PDM, but the reference looks broken when I actually open up that same drawing file in SolidWorks (i.e. it appears that the PDM references are different than the SW references).