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    Enterprise PDM web clients

    Nahid Rumana

      Does anybody know whether Enterprise PDM web clients can see history of a file/Solidworks drawing?




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          Tim Webb

          Hi Nahid,


          Unless someone can show me otherwise, I don't believe a web client user can see the history "exactly" but they can see Revisions and Versions in the "Get Version" window and they can get latest version of a file if it is in a folder and state they have permissions to view.


          The web client user can select a file, right click it, and click "Get Version" as shown below. Notice the warning the web client user sees if they do not have permissions to see any versions of a file or referenced file as shown in the bottom image.


          Hope this helps you.



          web client get version.jpg


          web client select version window.jpgweb client get version window with warnings.jpg

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            Nahid Rumana

            Thanks a lot, Tim. You answered my question.