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Unable to make cut (with surface) due to unhappy surface knit

Question asked by Joe Blow on Oct 2, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2012 by Jerry Steiger

I'm having a very frusturating time. This is my first project in Solidworks since college and it seems a lot has changed since SW 2007. I'm trying to build tweeter mounts for my vehicle so I have a left housing and a right housing.


My attempted steps were:

1. Sketch start and end faces

2. Sketch guide curves

3. Lofted boss with sketches

4. Surface offset to the interior (so I can hollow it out)

5. Trim extra off of surface offsets

6. Knit surfaces

7. Cut with surface


I completed the left housing with very little trouble so I have bee. Now working on the right one, perorming the same steps, I can't seem to satisfy the surface offset -> trim -> knit -> cut with surface. After I believe I have knitted my surface correctly, the 'cut with surface' tool is greyed out which I assume means I don't have any surface to satisfy it.


The other strange thing about the knit tool: In my left model (the one that works like I wanted), if I attempt to edit my knit surface, it will default to knitting "surface-trim-1" although the original function I selected face1 face2 and face3. If I rebuild allowing it to change to surfacetrim1, it gives me an error "cannot knit surface to itself.