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Large Displacement Analysis Failure

Question asked by William Crocker on Oct 2, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2012 by William Crocker

Hi guys!  I am having an issue where my assembly does not want to solve.  What I have is a lock ring that I want to compress.  I want to study the effect of adding relief holes in various locations/patterns to the stress throughout the ring.  The way I would like to do it is by creating a ridig body that has an ID located at the position I want the lock ring's OD and using a shrink fit between the external surfaces of the lock ring to the internal face of the rigid ring as shown in this picture:  I have large displacement on.  I have tried both fine and coarsh meshes.  I have tried both solvers.  But every time my solver fails.  When I remove the relief holes, the model does solve.  I am unsure what else I should try.