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Issues with importing a 2D PDF?

Question asked by Amber Brooks on Oct 1, 2012

We are getting 2D PDF's from a client and opening them in Adobe Illustrator, exporting as a DXF and then importing into solidworks.


After spending lots of time figuring out how to change the line color from white to black I'm now dealing with scale issues.

When I create a dimension it's approximately 1/2 the size of the imported dimension.

Any ideas why this is happening?


I can set a sheet scale when importing that helps the imported DXF not come in 20 times bigger than a A-D size drawings which might have something to do with it.


I'm guessing importing DXF files is common yet there seems to be a lot of issues for everyone.


Are there any guides out there for doing this? I've yet to find anything while searching the forums.


Also, is there a way to get the dimensions to come in as solidworks dimensions? Mine come in as 2D empty arrowhead dims.