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    "Convert to PDF" add-in for AutoCAD files?

    David Heverin

      I am running the "convert to PDF" add in to make PDF files of my SolidWorks darwing files (slddrw).  It is run different times when my workflow transitions from one state to another.  I also have a manual run menu selection for users to run the same add-in anytime they choose.


      I have some AutoCAD files in the vault that I would like to use the same "convert to PDF" add-in, except that only SLDDRW extension files are selected to run.  I am sure that I saw a location where I could add idfferent files extensions to search when using the "convert to PDF add-in but now I can't seem to locate it.


      My questions are:


      • can AutoCAD files be converted to PDF files in the same way that SolidWorks drawqing files can?
      • if so, how do I add the "dwg" file extension so that the add-in will also include AutoCAD files?


      Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

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          Stephen Lapic

          I had asked my VAR about this and I was told that was not an option.  AutoCAD could not be set up for this.  Of course, this was when we were running AutoCAD 2011 and I should ask them if it works in 2013 since we now have that.

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            Stephen Reed

            Take a look at Bluebeam for AutoCad.  We use Bluebeam for Solidworks and find it better than the convert to pdf in SolidWorks.  It has batch capabilities as well as some editing capabilities.  It also gives you a pdf printer plugin for all your windows programs.  It's a bit pricey for an individual but if you need batch capabilities it does it with ease.

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              Raguraman Thulasiraman

              Please watch the video by clicking the below link



              (AutoCAD to PDF Generator within EPDM)

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                  David Heverin

                  no sound?

                  other videos, no problem.  THIS video.............no sound.

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                    Mike Sveda

                    Where can I get the add-in from that video?

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                        Geir Danielsen

                        Create One?


                        Some code to play with:



                        Public Class frmTest

                            Private Sub Button1_Click(ByValsender As System.Object, ByVal e AsSystem.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

                                Dimacad As NewmyAutoCAD


                            End Sub

                        End Class


                        Imports System.IO

                        Imports AutoCAD

                        Public Class myAutoCAD

                            Public Sub AutoCADToPDF(ByValpsfilename As String)

                                DimoAutocad As AcadApplication = New AcadApplication

                                oAutocad.Visible = True

                                oAutocad.WindowState = AcWindowState.acMax

                                Dimsuccess As Boolean= False

                                DimoAcadDoc As AcadDocument = oAutocad.Documents.Open(psfilename, False, "")

                                Dim oSS As AcadSelectionSet = Nothing


                                    Dimftype(0) As Short

                                    ftype(0) = 410

                                    Dimfdata(0) As Object

                                    fdata(0) = "Model"



                                    oSS = oAcadDoc.SelectionSets.Add("MySet")

                                    oSS.Select(AcSelect.acSelectionSetAll, Nothing, Nothing, ftype, fdata)




                                    IfoAcadDoc.Saved Then



                                    oAcadDoc = Nothing




                                    oAutocad = Nothing

                                    success = True

                                Catchex As Exception

                                    MsgBox(ex.Message + vbLf + ex.StackTrace)

                                    success = False


                                    MsgBox(vbLf + "Info: " + success.ToString)

                                End Try


                            End Sub


                            SubCreatePDF(ByVal acDoc AsAcadDocument)


                                DimPtConfigs As AcadPlotConfigurations

                                DimPlotConfig As AcadPlotConfiguration

                                DimPtObj As AcadPlot

                                DimBackPlot As Object


                                PtObj = acDoc.Plot

                                PtConfigs = acDoc.PlotConfigurations

                                PtConfigs.Add("PDF", False)

                                PlotConfig = PtConfigs.Item("PDF")

                                PlotConfig.StandardScale = AcPlotScale.acScaleToFit


                                PlotConfig.ConfigName = "DWG To PDF.pc3"

                                PlotConfig.StyleSheet = "acad.ctb"

                                PlotConfig.PlotWithPlotStyles = True


                                BackPlot = acDoc.GetVariable("BACKGROUNDPLOT")

                                acDoc.SetVariable("BACKGROUNDPLOT", 0)




                                IfPtObj.PlotToFile(Replace(acDoc.FullName, "dwg", "pdf"), PlotConfig.ConfigName) Then

                                    acDoc.Utility.Prompt(vbLf + "PDF Was Created")


                                    acDoc.Utility.Prompt(vbLf + "PDF Creation Unsuccessful")

                                End If



                                PlotConfig = Nothing

                                acDoc.SetVariable("BACKGROUNDPLOT", BackPlot)


                            End Sub

                        End Class



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                      Rick Remer

                      Does AutoCAD still support the "batch plot" utility?  We are running AutoCAD 14 (SW has long been our primary), and it seems it was included.

                      Years ago I wrote a DOS batch utility to convert AutoCAD drawings to PDF.  Basically take all the drawings in a folder, determine model/paper space and sheet size, use this information to write a batch plot file.  We also set up PCFs for each sheet size, which would print to Acrobat Distiller (any "distiller" seems to work though, I use the free Bullzip currently).  You have to set up the distiller to output to a common folder without prompting.  Then invoke the batch plot utility with the generated file.  Then gather the resulting PDF files and put them where you want.  For multi-sheet drawings you might want to look into PDFTK, to merge the resulting PDF files.


                      One problem we've run into more recently is that AC14 apparently does not get along with Win7 (or perhaps it is the restriction of administrator rights to IT).

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                        Patrick Roberts

                        BULLZIP ERROR!!! Hey All, a quick note. I'm using solidworks 2014 and while printing to PDF using Bullzip I had 4 dimensions where the numbers were transposed "150" became "105". I've checked this everyway I know. It is 100% repeatable. A second pdf printer PDFCreator works fine. Tried it 2 weeks apart, several reboots, all the usual. I'm removing Bullzip sorry to say, used it for years!!


                        Windows 7 - Xeon E5-1620@3.7ghz, 32gb ram, SW2014x64 SP2.0



                        I've contacted Bullzip, no reply yet!!

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                          Lee CS Young

                          I created an EPDM task add-in that uses the free version of DraftSight for the conversion. You can find it here.