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"Convert to PDF" add-in for AutoCAD files?

Question asked by David Heverin on Oct 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2015 by Lee CS Young

I am running the "convert to PDF" add in to make PDF files of my SolidWorks darwing files (slddrw).  It is run different times when my workflow transitions from one state to another.  I also have a manual run menu selection for users to run the same add-in anytime they choose.


I have some AutoCAD files in the vault that I would like to use the same "convert to PDF" add-in, except that only SLDDRW extension files are selected to run.  I am sure that I saw a location where I could add idfferent files extensions to search when using the "convert to PDF add-in but now I can't seem to locate it.


My questions are:


  • can AutoCAD files be converted to PDF files in the same way that SolidWorks drawqing files can?
  • if so, how do I add the "dwg" file extension so that the add-in will also include AutoCAD files?


Thanks in advance for any help or advice!