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    New to Solid works

    Blake Smith

      Hello im a student at Ranken Tech in St. Louis and im working on a base for a project we have and I just wanted to know if there was any way to take an image file and then post it onto a 3d swept boss/base.  I would be thankful for any help you could give me.  The Orobourus picture that is attached is the picture im trying to put on to one side so I can get that kind of folded around it. 





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          Troy Peterson

          Not sure as to what you are trying to accomplish.


          Do you want to place the image on the side of some 3D geometry? If so you would apply a Decal.


          If you are asking on how to create the geometry check out this post.

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            Derek Parks



            You can model your part whatever 3D Shape you want then click on your model. This will open a quick select window and you want to select the appearance icon (looks like a beach ball) select the top level face selection and this will open up your appearance screen. In the color / image tab which may open as default there is a appearance file to path with a link for images. Select the browse option and go to the image you want to apply to your model. Once you select it Solidworks will save this as a .p2m file and apply your image to the face of your model. You can then size, and rotate to make the image as desired. Attached is an example of it attached to a simple ball and showing several of the images. Sizing will result in one larger image instead of multiple. Hope this helps you could also make the image into a decal and apply it to the model.