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    Another Spline Woopsie

      Here's another one that can't be intentional.

      If you draw a two point spline and add Equal Curvature to the ends to a couple of lines, you can no longer access the Add Spline Point from the RMB menu.

      It works ok if you only add tangency to the ends.

      Are we still counting beta points?

      The only way to get the ability to add spline points back is to either delete the spline and start over (this is sounding far too familiar) or to delete the curvature relations and at least one tangency relation.

        • Another Spline Woopsie
          Ah, yes, that works. Thanks for tracking that down.

          I'll bet you can hear the enhancement request coming already... How about turning that off automatically if the user requests to add a spline point. The fact that no one here (including you) knew this off the top of their head means that its too obscure (low discoverability).

          Thanks again for taking the time to get a good answer.
          • Another Spline Woopsie
            Matt, this is by design and not a bug. When you draw a 2 point spline and add curvature to both ends we give you a solution akin to a C3 spline (much better solution than C2 in a lot of cases).
            If you want to add iterium spline points, turn off "degree raising" in the property manager.


            • Another Spline Woopsie
              Thanks for the clarification. I still want access to those higher order curves though.
              • Another Spline Woopsie

                My understanding is that c0=contact, c1=tangency, c2=curvature, c3=rate of change of curvature (slope of the comb is tangent from one side to the other). The "Raised Degree" option is only avaiable when c2 is applied to both ends of a spline, and only on a 2 pt spline.

                • Another Spline Woopsie
                  Could you clairfy what you mean by C2 and C3?

                  My understanding of continuity is that C1 is position; C2 is tangent; and C3 is curvature, which is what we expect when we're asking for equal curvature at the end of a spline. So yes C3 is better than C2 and we expect no less.

                  But did you mean that when we're asking for equal curvature out of a 2 point spline that you're raising the spline from a 3 degree curve to a 5 degree or higher curve? If this is the case, why can't we add the extra spline point to a 5 degree curve and keep it a 5 degree curve? Or better yet, don't add the point but allow us to raise the curve dgree to give us more polygon control points? If the higher order curves are embedded in the kernel, let us at them!
                  • Another Spline Woopsie
                    It's as easy to reproduce as it sounds, but here it is. I already sent it to tech support, and they already assigned a number, SPR 338599.

                    Thanks for looking at it.

                    • Another Spline Woopsie
                      Matt, can you please email me the example or post here.


                      Mark Biasotti