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    how to retrieve mate information for "distance mate"?

    Bomiao Li

      Hi there,


      I want to extract mate information of Distance Mate. By following examples on SolidWorks Help, I get the mate type, alignment, Flip status of a distance mate. However, I have no idea on getting its distance, distanceUpper, distanceLower information. Which method can do this?


      As introduced in SolidWorks API help, the IMate2::AddMate3() requires a set of parameters to define mates as follows.


      Mate2.AddMate3(int MateTypeFromEnum,int AlignFromEnum,bool Flip,double Distance,double DistanceAbsUpperLimit,double DistanceAbsLowerLimit,double GearRatioNumerator,double GearRatioDenominator,double Angle,double AngleAbsUpperLimit,double AngleAbsLowerLimit,bool ForPositioningOnly,out int ErrorStatus)