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Circuitworks advanced component filter major flaw?

Question asked by Peter Houwen on Sep 28, 2012

I want to use the advanced component filter to exclude a resistor, reference designator "R1".  Easy enough, click "Exclude", "Ref. Des.", type "R1" in the criteria box. 


But the filter builds: "Filter out components with reference designator that CONTAINS 'R1'."


Which filters out R1.  As well as R11, R12.....R100, R1000.....CR12, VR18.....


I just upgraded from Solidworks 2010 to Solidworks 2012.  It didn't work this way in the past version.


Am I missing a setting?  It makes no sense to work this way, as circuitworks allows pretty robust wildcarding that worked great when the filter used an '='.


I tried exporting a cwf file to make the change, nothing there about '=' vs. 'contains'