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Solidworks 2012 Service pack 2.0 release date

Question asked by Samuel Leith on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2012 by Samuel Leith

Hi guys,

we had a SW subscription last year, but all our PCs were running SW 2011 -  we were sent the 2012 SW version, but never bothered to install.


I now have to do a clean Windows install the main CAD computers and figured we might as well install SW 2012.


Our subscription is now expired, and our reseller tells us we are only allowed SW2012 Service Pack 1, which we never downloaded because we never installed SW 2012 in the first place. They say Service Pack 2 was release after our subscription expired, but I am pretty certain it was released before.


Is there anywhere I can see the release date of the 2012 Service Pack 2, to confirm whether or not I should be able to obtain it.