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    How to Rx Rx itself ?

    Peter De Vlieger

           I had a problem which means sending of an Rx etc.


      Now I have had this happen now for awhile and no doubt some people will have reported this before, and if so then when will it get fixed, but if not and it's still under the radar.....


      After doing all that is needed one gets to the ending screen where you can either exit Rx of capture another problem. (see E1)e1.JPG

      So for now you haven't got anything else to report so you choose Exit only to get the following


      which means that either you keep on going around and around the loop or you take your chances and press "JA" (=yes) and either hope it doesn't erase the previous file made by Rx or having made a copy of it just in case.


      Doesn't bode well when the fault reporting module has errors and problems of it's own. Not exactly something that showcases the quality of the programming involved.Especially when it keeps happening, SP after SP.