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Serial numbers and Sheet Formats

Question asked by James Parish on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2012 by James Parish

I've made a bunch of sheet format templates (i.e. Title Blocks) for my company and I've run into a peculiarity in EPDM 2011 SP5.


I have it setup that when you save a file to the vault, the file data card pops up (I forget which setting enabled this) and on the SLDDRW datacard, I have a bunch of serial numbers that *should* autogenerate when a new file is created.


The peculiarity is that this autopopulation occurs only when I use 1 sheet format out of the 12 I've newly created, in this case, ANSI A (Portrait). Whenever I save with any other sheet format, the serial numbers do not generate. The two serial numbers I need generated are in Edit Boxes with "Updates all configs", "Show in Explorer", and "Default overwrites" set.


I've tried this process with the same part across all 12 sheet formats and have tried a different part again with the same 12 sheet formats. Still only the ANSI A (Portrait) sheet format gets serial numbers.


Does anyone have any insight on what I've missed?






**EDIT 1: The serial numbers in question are not used on the drawing itself (i.e. not using them in Custom Properties). They are document tracking numbers for our vault. They only live on the file datacard themselves which makes it that much odder that when I save a newly created drawing in the vault, these numbers are not populated except for drawings using the ANSI A (Portrait) template.