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Equation errors and how to fix in 2012

Question asked by Wesley Shafer on Sep 27, 2012

We have recently been upgraged to 2012 SP 4.0.  Obviously one of the new changes we noticed was how equations are handled.  From time to time our assemblies will have equation errors where it'll look at a different part and the part numbers in the equations will incorrect. 


This wasn't a big deal before because we could "edit all" and copy and past the list into word and do a replace all on the incorrect number with the correct one.  15 seconds and you were done.


Now it seems this is more frequent and it appears you can't edit the whole list at once. 


I've included a screenshot of an assembly I just pulled from our library.  Our generic numbering prefix is (in this case) 550X, 550Y, & 560X.  We pack and go our library assembly and the first one becomes 5501, 5502, & 5602.  Now the numbers in the equations should match the tree on the left.


My question is, how do you edit them all at once?  I've tried exporting and fixing then importing, but I get read only errors.  So far the only way I can get this to work is to manually edit individual lines.


This worked fine on previous editions.  We came from 2010 SP 5.0 for what it's worth.