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2012 Toolbox Work Around

Question asked by Jason Knoll on Sep 27, 2012



I have three toolbox’s I’m using.  My old toolbox has all of my custom data (pre 2012) and I’m using the 2012 toolbox for Hole Wizard only.  My third toolbox is one I’ve created since going to 2012 and has no connection with SWX toolbox of all. I was not able to update my old toolbox to 2012 because of the addition of the 3rd tier to the folder structure. 

My concern is that if somebody accidentally hits yes when the error "The size of the Toolbox component (blah blah blah) referenced by this assembly was not found.  Would you like Toolbox to automatically create the missing size?" because of a network connectivity issue or whatever. If this happens, SWX will put a 2012 toolbox part in at the “preview config” and the old toolbox data is gone. I’ve educated my co-workers to always click “No” when they see this error but as you know things happen. 

Say these 2012 toolbox parts get placed in an assembly and the user doesn’t realize it and they hit save.  What happens when you open other assemblies with this one open?  Won’t the Socket Head Cap Screw in the next opened assembly become a 2012 part because the file path has been established to the 2012 toolbox. Will SWX warn the user by saying the toolbox component can’t be found?  Or will it just default to the preview config and the old data is lost? Say these assemblies keep getting saved and the more assemblies with 2012 parts in them there are more chances of more assemblies getting “infected”. 


My question is, what are the repercussions if I rename my old toolbox parts to prevent this from happening?


Also, has anyone had similar experience of trying to update their toolbox to 2012?  Anyone have any different experience?