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    Laptop LCD Screen - Glossy vs. Matte Finish

    James Cuevas

      I've been using a Glossy screen for, wow, 8 years now.


      It's time for yet another computer upgrade, as my Dell M6300 is aging a bit.


      It seems Dell is only (or at least mostly) building their Mobile Workstation Laptops with the Anti-Glare (I take this to mean Matte finish) screens.


      Has anyone been dissapointed when transitioning from a glossy screen to a Matte Finish screen?  I'm not very bothered by reflections on a Glossy screen, and like the sharpness of the colors, how dark the dark colors are, etc.


      Is this maybe a trend in all high end computers?  Am I the last of the glossy screen holdouts?


      EDIT: I had spent the previous 7 years on what are now "old school" CRT monitors, which might be considered somewhere between the laptop glossy screens and matte screens.  I honestly can't say I know anyone else who prefers a Glossy laptop screen.  Does anyone have a comparison of the old CRT's vs. the Matte LCD's?