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    Ghost Views

    Ray Hart

      I am on a standalone version of Solidworks 2012 and am having no issues, but I have a co-worker who is using a network solidworks 2012 and is having issues with bringing in a part into a drawing. Normally after you bring in a part into a drawinging template you can drag it up and down or sideways to get you other views but with them nothing appears when you move the cursor. Also when they try to bring in dimensions with the model items (import dimensions) option it says that it can't find any. Anybody no why this is happening?

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          Mark Kaiser

          Is the part file for the drawing open on the co-worker's machine?  Is this a brand new drawing they are trying to create or an existing they are trying to edit?  If it is an existing, it sounds like SW can't find the reference to the part file, which it may have lost if you moved the file form your local hard drive to a network drive. 


          Probably need some more details to pin down you problem.

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            Kelvin Lamport

            Is the problem only with that particular part?

            Can you open the part on your computer, and create the views OK?