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    A very strange behaviour

    Pet Peever

      At first, the equation driven curve has to be in black, since it's totally defined.

      At second, the dim D6@sketch2 has to be amnnouced like a driven dimension, since this angle is totally defined by the EDC, which is also totally defined.

      But things don't end here, and there is much more funny : I change t1 to 0, then the EDC changes, in the parametric definition of the EDC and the first changing is OK.

      But if I redefine t1="t1", the EDC begins to be a bit not driven, but obviously drunken.

      Would be some limit to this drunkard's walk Markov chain ?

      Alternating t1 =0 and t1="t1", yes, there is some limit.

      Moral : the connerie of the  SW  team is ergotic.

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          Jerry Steiger



          I can't open your file, I've hardly ever used equations, and I've never used equations since the latest modifications to the interface, so I am flying even more in the dark than usual. How can you set t1="t1"? That seems seriously circular (self-referential) to me. I find it hard to believe that it doesn't just give you an error and refuse to solve.


          Jerry S.