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    Time Discrepancy

    James Mazurek

      I just finished the CSWP - Advanced Sheet Metal Specialist exam and was very disappointed to find that it was a 90minute exam.  I was not prepared for the abrupt end.  The purchase order catalog page states that it is a 2 hour exam and this is what I was planning for during the exam.  I feel I was misled on the time.  Please let me know what action will be taken so this does not happen to someone else.  Thank you.

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          Alin Vargatu

          Hello James,


          This is what is written on the certification page you mentioned:


          Exam Length: 2011 Version (English): 90 minutes

          2006 - 2010 Version (Non-English): 2 hours


          Looks like you used SolidWorks 2011 or 2012 for the test. That is why it was only 90 minutes.


          That being said, just send your complaint in a nice email to certification@solidworks.com. They might allow you to re-take the test.


          Best of luck.