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Toolbox Suppressing Components, v2012 Only

Question asked by Jeff Mowry on Sep 26, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2012 by Jeff Mowry

I'm running SP 4.0 of v2012 and Toolbox suppresses all Toolbox-created fasteners in my assemblies/sub-assemblies, regardless of the fact that I create copies of each fastener in the active working directory of each project.  If I open the fastener--and keep it open in the background--I can then go back to each component and unsuppress it.  But every time I shut down SolidWorks, the problem returns upon reloading of the project assembly.


I saw this mentioned here:

...but it wasn't resolved there, either.


I also have v2011 installed on this same machine.


After looking at the thread mentioned above, I reset the Toolbox default directory, as shown below:


So now, it's putting a copy of the components in this directory, yet it's not finding them anyway.  The default search/find directory is a secret that SolidWorks isn't telling me, but looking for anyway, even though I've specified this directory.  The default should be my active working directory, just like ALL other parts I use, and if that fails then the directory noted above.  Neither are being searched/found, however.


Has anyone else seen this happen, and if so, do you know the secret directory that needs to be specified within Toolbox for a parts repository?  Is it the data directory another step down, as shown in the image above?  Would that really matter?