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Motion problem

Question asked by Alper Demirci on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2012 by Jim Boland

Hi all,


I am trying to create the motion analyses for four axis scara robot as you can see in the pic. There are four motor and when i enter a value for motor 1 and suppressed 2,3 and 4, first axis moves according to value which i give but the rest are moving freely(i also added a video). i want them staionary because in the reality, as you know the motors (2,3,4) do not move. also when i create the results for 2,3 and 4, it gives me the plots which show motor torque change vs. time, also that should be zero. because i am not giving values to 2,3 and 4. i think i am missing something but i dont know what, can you help me pls?