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Random repositioning of components???

Question asked by Paul Passarelli on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2012 by Jerry Steiger

Hi Folks,


  I'm about to seriously lose my cool.  My engine assembly has ~ 100 unique parts and >330 total parts.  The parts are jumping all over the place.  I have a somewhat intricate collection of gears & bearings, that are now intersecting each other via their InPlace mates.




  InPlace is *SUPPOSED* to put tham back where they were created!!!  WHY ISN'T IT???


<normal voice>


The last thing I changes was I selected the opening of parts to be "READ-ONLY" hoping that that little restriction would get the overzealous rebuilding tendency to cool it's jets.  I've also been loosening the "fully defined" "requirement" for my assembly level sketches which has been *slowly* improving the rebuild speed.


Why do they say no good deed ever goes unpunished? 


Dam it.  Dam it!  Dammit!   I am sick of this software!