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Repairing toolbox 2012 install

Question asked by Patrick Moody on Sep 26, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2012 by Tim Cochrane

Ok, so I fell into the 2012 toolbox pit. Ended up with almost a whole duplicate set of toolbox files. I have duplicates in "Browser > Ansi Inch > Bolts and screws" As well as "Browser > Ansi Inch > Bolts and screws > Hex head" for example.


I am paring the files down to one set, taking what has the most configurations, as to not lose configurations in use (normally the ones with more configurations are in the unsorted directory)


Now, with all of the files getting organized, I'm looking to rebuild the index, as it is seeing many configurations missing. My VAR told me to delete the index and it will rebuild. It rebuilt itself, but was missing several categories. I didn't see a single size for hex head bolts, for example.


Is there a better way to rebuild this? This is a network toolbox, BTW. I have  backup (fortunately) and restored the index as it was with the duplicate locations. Any help is greatly appreciated.