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Flexible Assemblies causing errors when trying to lock them down.

Question asked by Clyde Gibson on Sep 26, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2012 by Clyde Gibson

I have a project at work that is giving me problems.


It is an oversized driveshaft for a motor to a rolling steel mill.


The drive shaft has a spring in the middle and has a limit distance mate from one end to the other. The spring is modeled with the assembly and is dependent on it.




This driveshaft has 2 couplings on each side. The right one is locked down to the origin and the other one should be locked at a certain distance from the top plane ( 0'-0") Depending where the coupling attaches to on the other side


spindle with couplings.jpg

Right coupling is stationary

Left coupling will change heights so the shaft will change its angle and will either compress or expand.

My problem is that when I lock down (put distance mate) on the left coupling it errors out.



Any help would be appreiated. Also this assembly takes forever to load even though it is very simple compared to my other assemblies.



My computer specs:


Hp z800

with quadro fx 4800

Dual 6 core Xeon CPU @ 2.93Ghz

24gb of ram

Dual Monitors