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Layour Sketches - How to Use them

Question asked by Kevin Zulonas on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2012 by Roland Schwarz

I recently read through Curvy Stuff 5, the Wrath of Scotty part 1 which I loved (found here: )


In particular I found Slide 84 and 99-103 of Curvy Stuff V part1 to be extremely relevant to some questions that I had been strugling with.


I have a question about slide 84:


It talks about creating a Sketch Layout of the design, and how this should be complete as possible. Including tolerancing stackups, drafts, cross sections etc.


My question is, once your Layout Sketch is complete, what is the "best" way to create your surfaces and/or solids?


Should they be driven directly from the Layout Sketch?


Should the Driving Sketces for the Surfaces / Solids be driven by the Layout Sketch?


Should the driving sketches for the surfaces / solids NOT be driven by the Layout Sketch at all? This would mean that changes to the layout sketches would have no effect of the part itself, which would need to be manually updated, however would offer the most robust solution in that no matter how radical the changes to the layout sketch, it of course could not adversly effect the part.


Thanks in advance!