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New Laptop for SolidWorks?

Question asked by Michael Elkin on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2012 by Jeff Holliday

Hi, I am looking for a new reasonably high end laptop to run solidworks.


It should be portable so no bigger than a 15" screen; I will use an external monitor if needed. And it should have no less that a full I7 Quad-Core processor.


The price needs to be under $1500 and that is for ultra-high end. I would prefer something in the $1200 range.


This seems like a good option from Dell:

Upgraded with the I7 2760QM it comes out to 1039+tax. It only has 2 GB of ram, but I can get another 8 of my own for under $40, I can even afford to add an SSD HD.

The graghics card is FirePro M5950 which is more than adequate for solidworks according to


This is the same laptop with some more features:

It has 8GB ram and a 750GB (vs 320) hard drive and a 9-cell battery for $1189 or $150 more.


I know that these have the slightly older I7, but it should still be more than fast enough.


The latest M4700:

Is $1289 with the quad-core and stll would need more memory, and I don't think the new I7 and M4000:

are worth the price premium.


I am welcome to any other suggestions you can give me, but so far these are the best I have found.


Thank You.