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    "The Archive Server Could not open the Windows Registry"

    David Antanavige

      I am installing 2012 epdm on a tower at my business. We will not be using SW on this tower, just the EPDM. After the install is complete I tried to add the server to in the admin tool and it tells me "the archive server could not open the windows registry". Anyone have any suggestions as to what the issue is?

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          Jim Sculley

          See Solution ID S-055687 in the knowledge base for one possible cause.

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            Eric Endlich

            Verify that you are logged in as an administrator and have access to read/write to the registry.

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              Alper Kuney

              i was also having this problem and resolve it as below.


              when you want to create a vault view to a computer, at view setup, on add server tab, it was giving that error when i want to select the computer... the error occurs because of the computer credentials of the computer you want to connect, not the computer you want to creat the vault view!!

              on the administration panel>local security policy>local policies>security options>accounts: guest account status has to be DISABLED!Capture.JPG

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                  Ashish Sharma

                  Hi Apler,


                  I'm facing the same problem bu your solution doesn't work in my case. Can you please suggest some other solution to this problem.


                  Please let me tell you the problem at my end :


                  Computer A (Server + Client) : I installed SW EPDM server on this machine and also installed the client. I could easily setup the Vault view on this machine.


                  Computer B (Client) : I instaled SW EPDM as client and now trying to create a vault view but it is showing the status of the server as "Not connected". When I click the computer on the check mark it gives me error "Archive server could not open the windows registry".

                  Can you please help?




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                      Jordan Lemley

                      What about S-034751?


                      "When a client attaches (connects) to an archive server via the view setup wizard or the administration tool it will try to authenticate the logged in profile against a user account that is part of the “Attach access” or “Administrate access” definitions in the archive server security settings. On some systems, the authentication will default to use the built in “guest” account and if the archive server allows guest login the authentication could fail with the error:

                      'Archive server could not open windows registry'


                      The client log may show an error such as:


                      Description:Could not log in to archive server.

                      Module: ConisioAdmin.exe

                      Function: CFVServer::Login

                      Error code: E_FVC_CANT_OPEN_REGISTRY

                      Error code general description: The Archive Server could not open the Windows Registry.



                      To troubleshoot this, try the following steps:


                      1. Ensure the local security policy is not set to guest only on the archive server:

                      a. On the archive server system select, start, run, type “gpedit.msc”.

                      b. Select and expand: Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies. Next select Security Options.

                      c. Open "Network access: Sharing and security model for local accounts" and ensure it is set to "Classic - local users authenticate as themselves". (see attached “Classic_Security_Policy.jpg”)


                      2. Disable the “Guest” account on the archive server:

                      • Disable the guest account via the local security policy, Guest account status. (see attached Disable_Guest_Account.jpg)


                      • Disable the guest user account via local users and groups.


                      3. Verify user and group accounts added to the archive server security settings:

                      a. Select start, programs, solidworks enterprise pdm, archive server configuration.

                      b. In the archive server configuration tool, select tools, default settings, security.

                      c. Ensure that the Windows account name that you are using to authenticate as from the client machine  is already listed the “Attach access” section.

                         • Users in the “Administrative access” section automatically have “Attach access”.  (Note that it is not recommended for normal users to be part of the administrative access section as this would allow creating and deleting file vaults on this server).  (See attached Archive_Security_Settings.jpg)

                         • Try removing or adding different Windows local and/or domain accounts and retry the attach operation from the client with this other account instead.


                      4. Attach under a different Windows profile.

                      • The authentication with the archive server may fail because of the currently logged in Windows profile not being allowed to attach to the server.

                      • Try logging in to the client system as a different Windows profile (for example a local administrator account) and attach to the archive server again.


                      5. Verify installed version.

                      • If the installed client version does not match the archive server version, the authentication may fail. Verify that client and server software matches.

                      • Try rebooting the system if the client was recently installed or upgraded to ensure the authentication components are loaded properly."

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                          Ashish Sharma

                          Hi Jordan,


                          Thanks for your kind reply. I really appreciate your help.


                          I can't see the images you refer to!


                          in point number 3.c. you mention that we need to have the users of the client machine to be listed in the "Attach access". Right now I only see 3 users listed there which are as follows :

                          Administrators (BUILTIN\Administrators)

                          Power Users (BUILTIN\Power Users)

                          Users (BUILTIN\Users)


                          As you suggest I think I need to add the name of the network users in this list. I tried to add the users but it says it couldn't find the user. Maybe I'm not entering the correct syntax.


                          Can you please help me and send me a correct syntax to add a user of the client machine?




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                      Nick Stringer

                      Just in case anyone else runs into this problem, I found that this error popped up when I had my addin compiled with .Net 4.0 targetted. After a brief discussion with our EPDM/SW vendor, it appears that EPDM 2012 only supports addins which target .Net 2.0. Changing this in my addin fixed the issue.


                      Apparently 2013 accepts .Net 4.0 for what it's worth.