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FEA on a part/assembly at high temperature

Question asked by Alessandro Tornincasa on Sep 24, 2012


I'm studying a structure that is supposed to hold some mechanical parts (represented by forces on the split lines). These mechanical parts undergo a thermal treatment, and therefore all the structure and the parts are subject to a 1000 °C temperature.

I'm representing this condition with a 1000 °C temperature load.

This is a pic of the structure:



I'm getting odd results, it looks like the effect of thermal expansion is cancelling out bending due to the load exerted by the parts. This is the displacement plot:



Is this the correct method of simulating this structure ?


Also, the final aim of my analysis is determining wether this high temperature will cause problems to my structure. I know a variation of the young's modulus vs temeprature, but I think that a descrease in the young's modulus won't affect my stress (check this link for reference):


Can linear analysis handle this kind of problem ?


I'm attaching also the solidworks file.