eDrawings installer is a pity

Discussion created by Guest on Nov 9, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2006 by Jonathan Hunter
on 2006 9 17:34 Vajrang Parvate wrote:
> Hi Marc,
> eDrawings by design installs major versions without uninstalling the old one in
> order to support side-by-side installations of SolidWorks/PDMWorks (2006 with 2007,
> etc.). But this is true for major versions only. Service pack installs within the
> same version will overwrite the old SP.

Then it should give us the choice, as SolidWorks does, to upgrade or have a new install.

> This is also part of the reason why it is installed in Common Files\eDrawings - it
> is a common component used by other SolidWorks applications.

It's not a reason. It could be in a sub-folder of SolidWorks. Like when I install Photoshop, the Imageready exec is installed in the same folder and I never have to worry about it. Or at least give it a real group in Program Files if you have to take into consideration when it's installed stand-alone.

> I agree with you about the shortcuts everywhere; this should be addressed as soon as
> possible.
> Thanks for your feedback.
> Vajrang.