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Trying to make a thermoform blister tray for pills - questions...

Question asked by Leonard Dichiara on Sep 22, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2012 by Kelvin Lamport

Hi Guys -
Im hoping someone can point me in the right direction; I am trying to make a plastic thermoform blister tray that will house 6 pills - I have created the pill geometry in solidworks and have this as a part file - I've done these before but this one is a little different and Im struggling with the best approach.


I have created one pill and then patterned this to get the number that I need - I can create the thermoform in the part file and cut out the material I want - but...

I may want to angle the pills differently than they are so I was thinking I would create an assembly file - import the pills and build the tray as a separate part.


I've tried to do this but I can't seem to get what I need-


- In an assembly, If I took my pill and imported into the file - is there a way that I can use the indent feature to remove the material I want from the tray?

It doesn't seem possible but I would think that it would certainly be possible?


I can send a file if need be for discussion - I appreciate any help.