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Weldment "cust list item 1" properties will not allow updates

Question asked by Brad Shutes on Sep 24, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2012 by Brad Shutes

I have spent the last 2 hours of a very busy day trying to convince SW to allow me to update the properties of the first item in my weldment cut list. 


There are two parts in the weldment.  The first item is a formed sheet metal part.  The second item is a simple plate.


Three problems:

1:  The Delete button on the left side of the Cut-List Properties dialog does nothing at all when I'm editing cut list ietm 1.  I can use it to delete rows on Cut-List-Item2.

2:  I have two properties that I want to change:  DESCRIPTION and PARTNUMBER.  I cannot change their valve.  I can, however, change those valves for Cut List Item 1.

3:  Cut list item 1's property list now includes properties that I have never seen before, nor will likely ever use, that I cannot delete (ie Bounding Box Lenh, Mass, Bend Rdius, Cut-Outs, Cutting Length-Inner, Cutting Length-Outer and many more)



Why can I make any changes I like to the cut list properties for cut list item 2 but not item 1? I have even tried to start all over with a new weldment, and oddly, the same erroneous items for Cut List Item 1 show up.  It's as if the cut list for item 1 is perpetually locked to some garbage data.


Has anyone else ran into this issue?  I have searched and searched, but nothing in the forums that comes close to this problem.