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    What beam do i need?

    Dave Mulder



      I am not trained in SW simulation, but I have to solve a question.

      Simulation is installed on my pc, next year i am going on a course..

      I have two IPE  profiles in a T form (see attachment), on both sides of the longer profile are loads or forces from 400kg (4000N)

      How can I simulate what profile I need (IPE 120,140,160)

      I hope someone can help me out..


      Greetz Dave

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          Mikael Martinsson

          Hi Dave.

          Could you please clarify the boundary conditions.


          Is there one force of 4000N, evenly spread, on the top of the longer profile or are there 2 loads, one on each side, point load or evenly spread? (you say "forces on both sides")


          Restraints are on the bottom end of the vertical member?

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              Dave Mulder

              Hello Mikael,


              There are two loads one on the left and one on the right evenly spread from 400kg/4000N.

              The longer profile has to carry roof elements,the vertical profile supports it.

              I am not sure what you mean with restraints, i'm dutch.

              There is a handmate sketch(attachment),which i hope gives you enough information.

              I just want to know how big the horizontal IPE profile has to be (i think between 120-160)

              The SW simulation package is been installed a week ago,and i have tried some, but i want to compare

              it compare it with someone more expierenced.

              If you want i could mail you my results tomorrow (the files are at the office)


              Thanks for the reply and hoping to hear from you,


              Greetz Dave

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                  Mikael Martinsson

                  Hi Dave.

                  Still not 100% about the load case. Your picture shows point loads, but in text you mention evenly spread (uniform load).

                  Anyway, below are my results, on IPE140, using beam elements:


                  Displacement: 5,4 mm (If maximum allowed deflection is 1/500, then this is ok 5,4/3500 = 1/648)

                  Stress axial and bending: 53 MPa (Yield 235 and tensile 360 on the selected material)

                  Buckling load factor: 14,8


                  This is with 2 uniform loads of 4000 per beam + own weight

                  Could you post your results?


                  Displacement 2x4000 Evenly spread.JPG

                  Stress 2x4000 Evenly spread.JPG

                  BLF 2x4000 Evenly spread.JPG