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Screw direction for tire?

Question asked by Andrew Castelino on Sep 22, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2012 by Dor Yacobi



I remember seeing at an auto repair shop that they used screw-nut pairs of different direction, some being clockwise, some being anti-clockwise, to fasten the tire. If the car drives forward, the relative rotational movement would effectively fastens screws in the same direcion of wheel's rotation while in principle would slightly looses some others; when we back the car, the condition is the reverse.


It seems that the advantage of this combination is that whatever direction you drive, at least one direction of the screw-nut fastening is alwasys fastened to somewhat tighter than when they were assembled, therefore the tire is always firmed attached to the wheel. Is this this?


Another observation is that since we drive forward at most of the time, the majority of screw-nut pairs should be in the direction which causes it to tighten when car moves forward. For example if we have 5 screws for fastening, 4 or 3 should be in the direction that is fastened/tightened when drives forward, and the remaining minority be in the reverse direction?