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    Language at Feature manager

    Pedro Benlloch



      Again, another problem after migrating to 2012....


      I change the language to spanish in options (For tools, features, etc), I restart, and everything is ok, BUT the Feature Manager, which remains in English !!! Any idea?


      Thank you.

        • Re: Language at Feature manager
          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Pedro,


          Two things:

          1) SolidWorks does not auto-translate existing FeatureManager tree features. So new features would be created in Spanish, but the existing ones already existing in SolidWorks documents will be left in English.

          2) Relating to #1, if you already have document templates created in English, then the default plane names, origins, etc. will be in English in those templates. You will have to back up those templates somewhere, remove them from their current location so SolidWorks does not find them and then it will automatically create new templates with the Spanish language.


          I hope this helps,