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Different extrusion height for different blocks?

Question asked by Qi Lu on Sep 21, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2012 by Randy Billings



Matt's book and many online videos demonstrated how block can used to create mechanisms like linkage, traction, etc. One question I have is however with the its transformation from 2D to 3D.


Can we add relation between blocks in different sketch? I haven't found it possible. In fact, when editing in one sketch things in all other sketches are completely invisible, not to mentiond editing them.


But if we build relations between blocks in a same sketch, then later when we apply extrusion, all blocks in this same sketch will have same height. At many times this is not the physical relatity. For example, we might have one very big and thick wheel in traction with a very small and thin wheel, and making them the same height by extrusion is obviously not a good solution.


So the problem is:

1. we can only add relation between blocks in the same sketch, but they will end up having same height after transforming from 2D3D.

2. we can assign different extrusion height for different sketches, but no relations can be built between their blocks.


Does anyone how to solve it?