Ash Combe

Odd problem solved… (I think)

Discussion created by Ash Combe on Sep 21, 2012

This is something I just discovered, might help someone out there.


My colleague was having difficulties when selecting a part (when in an assembly) or a feature (when in a part) in the graphics pane, the FeatureManager Tree was not expanding and scrolling to the selected item, even though the setting for this behaviour was turned on!


We reinstalled Solidworks 3 times, removed all traces of it from the registry in between installs but it continued to behave in this manner. Even our tech support had no idea why this was happening.


Finally I noticed that his File Explorer (the Windows one, nothing to do with Solidworks) was doing the same thing. Navigating it by double-clicking folders in the right hand side was not expanding the folders tree view on the left hand side. So I changed the setting in the File Explorer “Automatically expand to current folder” and after the next install of Solidworks BINGO! The part/feature was now being scrolled to!


This only seemed to work as long as the setting in File Explorer was set before installing Solidworks, and I have since discovered other PCs with this setting turned off but Solidworks is still working correctly. Looks like it was just a strange condition with this particular PC.


If anyone else out there has a similar problem this might help. Or, if someone out there knows of another reason this was happening I’d LOVE to hear it!


Enjoy your Solidworxing!