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All Drop Down Menus/Pop-up Dialogs Appear on Other Monitor

Question asked by Craig Hardman on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by Vahid Mostofi

Hi everyone,


Not sure if anyone has run into this before....
All of my dropdown menus will appear of the opposite monitor that I have the main window open in.
It's very annoying because I can't use them at all now.
If you move the cursor off the button in the main SW window, the menu disappears on the other monitor making it impossible to select anything.


I've attached a screenshots of what happens.


Anybody else experienceing this? It has just started today, while I updated to SP4.0 a week or so ago so I don't think the two are related.





Additional info:

As well as drop down menus, all pop-up dialogs (Save, Save-As, Open, New, etc) appear on the other monitor as well. These pop-up dialogs are still usable (obviously) so not nearly as big of an issue as the other menus.
Solidworks Premium 2012 SP4.0 - 64bit
Windows 7 Pro - 64bit

Dual monitors running off a Gigabyte Radeon 6870.