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Question with 2D and 3D annotation texts

Question asked by Qi Lu on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by K. C



I have some questions with annotation.


1. I found that if I added some annotation notes first in the 3D view of a part, and then create a drawing from that part, and then the click "Insert >> Annotation >> Note", the drawing in the 3D part editing window would not be reflected in the 2D drawing, even if they were already saved; instead, the annotation notes inserted in the 2D drawing will be completely new and be indepenent of the annotation drawings in the 3D view. Basically,


3D note 2D note

and conversely as I have found:

3D note 2D note


So my experiments seem to suggest that 2D and 3D annotation notes are completely independent. Is this correct?



2. Either in 2D and 3D note, is there a way to force texts to wrap like in some text editors? For example, in MS Word text would automatically wrap after the line lenght exceeds prespecified limit. I haven't found such a counterpart in Solidworks for notes. Is it possible?