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    Plane with Angle

    Luca Petrocco

      Hello i want to create a plane that has an angle of 25°. In particular as you can see in the sketch i want that the new plane has an angle of 25° compared to the "PIANO 3" because i want to extrude a solid that is not linear.

      Thank you for the help

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          Glenn Schroeder

          The sketch didn't come through, some people have had problems downloading pictures here for the last several days.  See if this will help.  Go to Reference Geometry > Plane.  Select the appropriate plane and enter 25° in the box.  Then you will need to select an edge or sketched line to determine where the new plane will intersect with the parent plane.

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            John Burrill

            Luca, you should read the online help topic associated with the reference plane tool.  It explains all of the different ways you can define a plane.

            Usually when someone wants to create a plane at an angle they want it to pass through a specific edge on their model.  If you're creating the opened top for a grand piano, then you want an angle for the top to be opened and for the plane to intersect an edge where the top hinges.  This linear edge can also be the axis of a cylindrical feature or a linear sketch segment

            to set this up goto insert ==>Reference Geometry==>Plane

            When the property manager for creating a plane comes up, select a face or existing plane that's parallel to the floor and a linear edge, sketch segment or cylindrical axis and then enter your angle from the floor plane

            the interface will preview the geometry.  If the plane appears to be going the wrong way, use the flip control on the angle measurement field.