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when save a part as a new name, how to make drawing link to new part ?

Question asked by Zhao Hong Qiang on Sep 19, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by Zhao Hong Qiang

Hi All,
    when I save a part as new name, and make some changes, I don't want to make new drawing , is there any way to save previous drawing to new drawing which link to new part ?

    We have a lot of this kind of parts, customer has different module of machine, and they just make some changes and send to us. we have spent a lot of time on the drawing. if we can save part to new name and make changes, the drawing can be saved and link to new part, we can save a lot of time.   


     We have used other 3d software, when we save the part to antoher name, the 2d drawing will be saved as new name automatically and still remain the link. is it possible for wolidworks to do same way ?