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    design study help please

    Josh Tutt

      i would like to use a design study to vary multiple parameters to see their effect on the average strain in the x direction on a surface.  the first issue that i am having is that only equivalent strain is listed, no specific directions.  the second problem i am having is that if i choose the "average strain on a surface" option it always comes back as zero.


      is there a way to use the design study feature to just simply run different scenarios?  if i can do that and make a plot for each scenario then i can go in and probe the average on the surface.




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          Timothy Holman

          You can use discrete values for the variables to only run the scenarios you are interested in.  When you type them in just make sure you seperate them with commas.

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              Josh Tutt

              thanks for the response timothy!


              i can get the design study to run the different scenarios, the problem that i am having is in veiwing the results.  it seems that the only data that i am able to veiw is related to the sensors.  i cant get the sensors to work like i need.


              i either need to know how to make the sensors work, or i need to be able to veiw full function simulation results for each scenario.


              any ideas?