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    Heat Transfer Coefficient (h) Calculation using Solidworks Flow Simulation

    Som Mv

      Hi All,

                 I have done Analytical  Excel spreadsheet calculation for Estimating Heat transfer Coefficient(h) for array of Nozzle Jets (Nozzle Plate) with certain distance from Impingement surface(Oven Belt) for a forced convection  air Impingement Oven.


      I am interested to know whether Solidworks Flow Simulation software can be used to calculate/estimate  Heat transfer Coefficient(h) for the above application.?


      We have bought Solidworks Flow Simulation software two years ago & Never used for any projects. Now we want to use this software to calculate the Heat transfer Coefficient(h), estimating Nusselt Number, Reynolds's number, Air Velocity at exit of the nozzle etc. based on Nozzle Diameter and distance between nozzle plate and impingement surface.


      I would like to validate & compare the results of my Excel spreadsheet calculations with the results of Solidworks Flow Simulation software, so I will be more comfortable in designing the oven.



      Thanks in Advance


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          Dave Jacob

          Hi Som,

          Yes, you can show the convection coefficients.  After you finish your run, create a surface plot on the surface(s) you are interested in and change the countour paramter to Heat Transfer Coefficient.  You may have to adjust the displated range to get some differentiation out of your plot. If so, just double click on the color legend (Color Bar) and click on the reset button to the right of the upper range limit value on the Color Bar dashboard.   I'm just playing with this now and find it works well.  Hope to move to tranisient analysis in the next few days and animate the surface map.