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    Simulation add-in not available?

    Chee Teng

      I am using 2011 Solidworks professional and I want to use the add-in Simulations.


      I go to Tools-> add-ins and I cant find simulation in there. And the simulations button on my 'office products' tab is appeared grey. What does this say?


      Please suggest how can i get the simulations add-ins. Thank you.

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          Paul Becker

          The only Simulation tool available below the SolidWorks Premium level is "Simulation Express".  Express is not an add-in, but more of a limited, trial version of the tool.  In order to get the full Simulatoin package, you would need to upgrade to SolidWorks Premium or purchase either Simulation Professional or Simulation Premium.


          Hope this helps.  For more information, you should contact your reseller.