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Watermark /Adding a variable to the printed copy without opening the drawing

Question asked by Craig Lalumiere on Sep 19, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2012 by Corey Hinman

Good Morning Everyone!


I am trying to stamp a work order on a drawing either though PDF or on the Solidworks drawing before the print gets printed.

The way my work flow goes is once it passes through drawing reviews it heads into a production stage where currently I have a dispatch script request a work order number and writes it to a variable.


I came up with three ways of doing it but I can’t see the whole picture on how to.


  1. )    Somehow in Adobe when creating the PDF it pull the Meta data from its properties and place it on the PDF with the watermark tool.
  2. )    Have some kind of script added to the batch print function with the Solidworks task function where it will pull that data and print it on the drawing
  3. )    Include it on the title block of the drawing (the problem is we have very large drawings and to do this I think we would have to open and save every drawing to update. This would take a lot of time and another seat of Solidworks)

Anyone see a better solution on how to do this or a way to make any of my ideas work properly?