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    Unable to hide tangent lines

    Kent Zhou

      Hi, I was trying to hide tangent lines from a sweep feature.

      The mode was a rod with  90 deg bends and I need to hide the tangent lines to show if the bent end is either pointing at or away from me, ie into or out of the paper.

      Tried with :

      - right click on parts->hide/show hidden edge

      - view -> display -> tangent lines removed

      - options -> system option  -> drawings  -> display style and tangent edge in new views, ticked removed


      None of the above worked.

      I think its something to do with the 3D drawing used for sweep.


      Anyone has any idea how I can hide the tangent lines?




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          Glenn Schroeder

          If you've done everything you described, the only things I can think of is that the edges aren't really tangent or SW is playing one of it's tricks on you.  As a last resort you can highlight the lines, RMB, and use the Hide Edges button.


          hide edge.png

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              Kent Zhou

              Hi, Glenn.

              Thank you so much. That works just perfectly good.

              and by the way, i have checked the 3D drawing which is constrained with tangent relations. But it seems noone else is having similar problem. It is just this particular file that I am having problem with, maybe something to do with older version file converted to 2012 versions?

              But anyways, it works. Appreciated a lot.