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Help exporting as .eprt - Model does not show up when opened in eDrawings

Question asked by Pariah Messiah on Sep 18, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by Pariah Messiah

Hello I am new to the forums here and also to Solidworks (2010version) WIN7 x64. I am trying to export a model from SW and bring it into eDrawings. I have tried using

the 'save as' and also 'publish eDrawing options but neither seem to work. When I open the file up in eDrawings there is nothing there.


I have tested this with several files (all STL) and get the same result. Please let me know what if any other info you need from me as I am not sure what to include since I am very new to the program. I really need to get this solved as I am on a tight deadline and would most appreciate the help. Thanks!