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SNL stops responding and sw_d.exe can't be stopped.

Question asked by Lamber Rutten on Sep 19, 2012

We are using a lot of Flexlm network licenses from different vendors on several locations all over the world. We have running more licenses on the same server and all using different ports to access lmgrd.

In our USA department we recently installed new hardware with a virtual Windows 2008 R2 64 bit license server. We moved our SNL to this server and since the installation we upgraded the SNL software to swlicmgr_sp4. Both the previous version as well as this one of SNL has the same issue:

Once every x days (from 2 to 21 days or so) the license service stops responding and no more licenses can be checked out.

Stopping the service with the SolidWorksNetwork License Manager or services.msc does not stop sw_d.exe. Also trying to stop the sw_d executable from the TaskManager or with the taskkill command line tool don't work..

The only solution to restart the SNL license service is to restart the server, which is not desirable.


Does anyone have a solution?


Note: we do not use a dongle.