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    Requirements for running SolidWorks on VmWare

    Greg Meckes

      Hello - brand new to the forum, I saw some posts but I could not see any definitive infirmation on running a VM with SolidWorks on it.


      We have a hefty VM infrstructure and want to investigate running a juiced up VM running SolidWorks. What we are not sure about is if there are any licensing issues to be aware about, or if there are any recommendations - or anyone who has done this.


      Any insight you can provice would be fantastic.


      Thank you/.

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          John Burrill

          Greg, you should talk to your reseller about licensing, but last I checked they don't want you hosting one seat for multiple users to access simultaneously.

          From a technical standpoint, the hurdle to virtualization is the hardware requirement.  Solidworks requires a workstation class 3D accelerated OpenGL video card for display output.

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              Dwayne Lessner

              What version of OpenGL do you need?

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                  John Burrill

                  Dwayne, that depends on the version of SolidWorks you're running and more accurately on the type supported by the video card manufacturer since the libraries are installed with the driver software.

                  SolidWorks renders linework, shaded graphics, textures, environments, effects and transforms using OpenGL calls.  The video card processes those calls, breaking them down into individual triangle calculations processed by hundres of GPU cores and renders them to the screen as pixels.  You can perform those computations using the CPU through Windows but the performance hit is substantial and most advanced display features aren't supported by the Windows GDI pipeline.

                  Citrix talked about offering gpu over internet a couple of years ago, but it requires pretty expensive server-gpus and hardware signal compression for the video stream.

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                Alin Vargatu

                Just be aware that if the users run into trouble, your VAR and SolidWorks Support might not be able to help, since it has not been tested or supported by SolidWorks.


                As per the Knowledgebase:


                It is possible to use VMWare to run SolidWorks®. Please keep in mind that this configuration is not tested by SolidWorks®; therefore, this is not a recommended setup. Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks® Corporation does not offer any technical support regarding VMWare.