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Can a client work offline automatically when connection is lost?

Question asked by Andrej Puksic on Sep 18, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2012 by Andrej Puksic

We are starting to implement EPDM in our company and I was doing some testing. One issue we are trying to solve is the operation of the system if network goes down. So I checked out a part from a vault into SW and then I unplugged the network cable. As soon as I do that it is practically impossible to do anything in SW, as it seems that each time I try to change something (edit feature, enter sketch etc.) SW wants to connect to EPDM. So is there a setting that would make a user go offline automatically when connection is lost?


The problem is also that vault explorer becomes unresponsive when the cable is unplugged so I can't choose "work offline" from the tools menu. I can logout using the EPDM icon in the taskbar, but then each time I try to do something in SW, EPDM login window pops up asking me to login (but doesn't have the "work offline" button). The only option that seems to work is to go to the vault in the explorer (open another window since the original explorer is unresponsive) and login from there using "work offline" button. What also bothers me is that when I plug in the cable again and choose "work online" from the tools menu, the file explorer goes into desktop folder or EPDM simply crashes.


Is this the normal operation of EPDM when loosing connection or can this be improved somehow by a few settings?